• Title: Response to Matt Kazmierski comments
  • Author: Scott Bame
  • Date: 04/12/2017
  • Additional Categories: Recent Essays, Scott Boehme

Response to Matt Kazmierski comments

I believe everyone should take the time to read the article that Mr. Kazmierski posted. It is a good start for discussions.

When I threw in the bond issue with my comments of protecting our children, I did so to stop someone from asking, "If we will do everything for the students, then you should vote for the bond issue. Right?" If it was a bond issue that would benefit the students' education, yes. This bond doesn't do that.

That is all I was trying to do. We sacrifice for our children and then we leave them unprotected in the schools. We send them to school for an education and to risk their lives. So if we have a few people in the school with a profile as low as the Secret Service with the President, we are protecting our children; at least we are giving our best efforts to do so.

But again I mentioned that we do so with trained volunteers after working with the school for specifics. I kind of think of these volunteers as fire extinguishers. During my 13 years of public education as a student I only had to use a fire extinguisher once. In the case of volunteers with guns, I hope they are never needed to step forward and defend our children. Almost every day we say no guns in school. We are telling everyone around the world that there is not any kind of defense against an attack.

If you feel more comfortable having volunteers with cross bows or stun guns, let's see what is available, there may be a better way. I wish we had StarTrek's phasers that are powerful, even in the stun setting.

If you think I am gun crazy, I am not. I did grow up with guns around me. I had to shoot two dogs, one that had distemper and another that was infected with rabies. I do not like to go hunting, except with a camera. The last thing I want to see is anyone hurt. So, instead of saying we are in a gun-free zone in our schools, we say we have a crew of gun-toting volunteers that were trained within an inch of their lives and they are in the buildings to protect our kids, so don't try anything.

We add a sign at all the doors, "Armed security present."

Do you have a better way of protecting the children? If so I would like to hear it.

Scott Bame