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Public Response: Founded August 1, 1998
Public Response is the sole property of James H.Cuddeback, editor and publisher. Work submitted and published in Public Response is the sole responsibility of the work’s author(s). Public Response does not attempt to direct the flow of discussion by filtering content, however publications are based on your submissions. The editor reserves the sole right “to accept” or “not accept” work submitted, as well as the right to remove any subscriber, without notice, from the Public Response list. Submissions may be rejected for (1) monopolizing discussion, (2) unnecessary redundancy, (3) short “kudos” and “me, too” statements, or (4) not on the mailing list. Any editorial statements made by the editor of Public Response do not necessarily reflect those of the subscribers, list members, or sponsors. Likewise, the assertions and opinions set forth by contributors whose works are published are not endorsed by Public Response.

Submission of an essay with the words “for publication” or equivalent to Public Response constitutes the author(s)’ permission to publish it in the electronic newsletter, Public Response, and also to publish it on its web-page ( at the discretion of the editor. Communications directed to me only must be marked “private” or I will assume it’s for posting.

Signatures are required on all submissions. Please use text/plain;

If you are willing to accept personal replies from other readers, please include your email address with your signature at the bottom of your essay.

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