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Public Response was born August 1, 1998 as a free email newsletter to the community encouraging transparency of government and to cultivate written communication within and between communities. Your community!

It is more important today than ever before to practice our representative democracy actively to guard its strength and cultivate its health. Think of Public Response as an action to prevent decay.

Public Response provides you with a moderated interactive forum using your ideas submitted to the editor for publication in the newsletter and distributed to the widest community possible. Public Response offers you an effective way to offer your ideas and concerns to the community. The democratization of information really begins with you taking action to practice grass roots democracy. Unobstructed information begins with your action. Your essays submitted to Public Response influence how people think and vote on important issues.

Public Response encourages mutual nourishment, unobstructed government information, and reciprocal appreciation and stimulation among public responders. It’s all about the shift away from opaque government to transparent government information. It depends upon your discussion!

Public Response was born as a community email newsletter to encourage transparency of government and to cultivate communication. Your confidence in the action of public thought will secure a place for public opinion and facts in our society and in that of our children. Our children will live in the shadows of our negligence or in the wisdom and brillance of our actions. What are your opinions and facts?

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Enjoy Public Response.

What are your opinions?

James H. Cuddeback

editor & publisher
Public Response, Inc.
East Lansing, Michigan, 48823

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